How to find your voting location using Google

With the US Midterm Elections coming tomorrow, not everyone knows where their designated polling place is. Google is ready to help you make sure your vote is counted.

This year is shaping up to be the most contentious midterm elections the United States has seen in generations. Regardless of which end of the political spectrum you find yourself on, the best thing you can do for the country is go out and make your voice heard.

For some, this may be the first election you’ve participated in, or it’s simply been a long time since you’ve voted. Either way, if you need help finding your local polling station, there’s a simple new way to locate it.

Simply search “Where do I vote?” on Google, and you’ll be greeted with a prompt for the street address you used on your voter registration. If your Google Account has an associated Home address, there’s a convenient option to quickly use that address. For the privacy concerned, Google promises that this information is exclusively used to find your polling station, and will not be stored.

Once completed, you’ll be greeted with a link to your correct polling station on Google Maps, its street address and hours. There’s also a convenient Google Maps Navigate button to get you there right away.

The information is sourced from The Voting Information Project, a partnership between Democracy Works and the various states to make official ballot information more digitally accessible.

To help encourage more voters to get out and do their civic duty, Google has also been sending this prompt to many devices as a push notification from the Google App.

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