Best sleep trackers to buy in 2018: 8 gadgets to record your beauty sleep

You can eat well, exercise, find a great job and read all the self help books you like, but if you’re not getting enough sleep all the good habits and routines you try to stick to in the day won’t have the same effect. 

Over the past few years everyone from health professionals to celebs have been obsessed with the magical superpowers of sleep. And it makes sense. Lack of sleep can impact your mood, your energy levels, your skin and a long-term lack of sleep can have serious mood and health consequences. 

But the sad truth is many of us just aren’t getting enough shut eye. Luckily, there are plenty of devices on the market designed to provide us with a better night’s sleep, whether that’s through wake-up lamps, devices that track your sleep and even apps that recommend what you can do to rest more effectively. 

Most top fitness trackers monitor movement and heart rate during sleep, while a growing range of non-wearables sit above or below your mattress and even on your bedside table. These help you track your breathing, snoring, temperature and allow you to follow those trends over time.

Leading the way are traditional wearable providers like Polar, Nokia/Withings and Fitbit, who have all added powerful sleep tracking to their devices, while there’s also an abundance of excellent non-contact options from sleep specialists ResMed, Beddit and Emfit.

We’ve collected together 8 of our favourite sleep tracking devices designed to keep tabs on how you sleep, provide you with data about how much you toss and turn in the night and hopefully equip you with enough insights to shake up your routine and finally get some rest. 

1. Nokia Steel / Withings Steel

Long-lasting sleep tracker with bundles of style

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