Amazon Echo Dot 2018 release date, price, news, and features

Update: New Amazon Echo Dot 2018 information is now available and added to this explainer. You’ll find the release date, or at least the window in which it’ll ship to the first customers, and price below.

You might as well wait for the Amazon Echo Dot 2018 release date before buying the old entry-level smart speaker from The new one launches next month.

This is the new version of the cheap Alexa-powered Echo speaker announced by the company today as part of the Amazon 2018 device lineup, and it retails for $49.99 (£49.99) and offering a better design along with new features. 

The circular hockey-puck-shaped speaker has a more refined look with a fabric finish this year (you no longer have to buy that fabric Dot case add-on, basically).

The speaker itself will be more powerful, according to Amazon, and still retains its line out and Bluetooth connectivity for both physical and wireless connections.

Here’s everything we know about the Amazon Echo Dot 2018.

Don't worry, it's not this big

Don’t worry, it’s not this big

Release date, pre-orders and price

The Amazon Echo Dot 2018 will ship next month. However, Amazon says that you can pre-order the cheap Echo speaker starting today.

The Amazon event is ongoing as of writing this story, so we’re guessing that you’ll be able to order the new Dot speaker some time after the launch event ends. 

It’ll cost the same as the previous Echo Dot speakers: $49.99 for the US, and £49.99 in the UK. We’ll add more regional pricing in other countries as we get it.

Design and features

The new Amazon Echo Dot 2018 looks a lot like the old Amazon Echo Dot, only its hockey-puck-shaped circular body is wrapped in the fine fabric – the same fabric we’ve seen from the latest flagship Echo speaker refreshes.

It’s more aesthetically pleasing for your home than the plastic Echo Dot Gen 1 and Gen 2 versions, and comes in three different colors Charcoal, Heather Grey, and Sandstone.

It retains its form factor, but Amazon says there’s a brand new mic array for better performance. Alexa should be able to hear you better despite this diminutive speaker’s size.

The speaker driver is also much larger, going to a 1.1-inch driver to a 1.6-inch driver. That helps deliver more powerful sound, lower distortion, and a bigger bass. You’ll appreciate the higher max volume out of the Echo Dot 2018.

The new Echo Dot Gen 3 is 70% louder than Gen 2, according to Amazon, and yes, it still retains an aux connection for a physical speaker output. You can also connect it wirelessly to external speakers via Bluetooth.

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