Samsung’s Note 8 face-recognition can be fooled by a photo, but there’s a setting to make it harder

Samsung may have figured out how to make a Note device that doesn’t explode, but it seems the face recognition feature on the new Note 8 isn’t any better than it was on the S8.

Web developer Mel Tajon was able to unlock the device using a selfie taken on his own phone, and even using people’s Facebook profile pics …

Tajon tweeted a video using demo devices (below).

He does note on his website that there are three possibilities here.

  • The Note 8’s facial recognition tech is actually good and Samsung made a crappy demo… But why would anyone do that?
  • The Note 8’s facial recognition tech is bad and they faked the demo intentionally, just like how Samsung faked performance benchmarks in the past.
  • The Note 8’s facial recognition tech is bad and the demo is proof of that.

With the S8, Samsung did tacitly admit that its face recognition system wasn’t very secure, by stating that it wasn’t good enough to be used for Samsung Pay. In contrast, rumors suggest that Apple will be launching the iPhone 8 next week with a face recognition system which will be used in place of Touch ID for its own payment system, Apple Pay.

The thing to keep in mind here, though, is that Samsung’s facial recognition does have two levels. There’s one, clearly enabled here, which performs fewer checks on the user’s face in order to make the process very quick. On the other hand, you can turn that off and have the phone perform more checks to better secure the device against problems exactly like this. Samsung even explicitly says that turning off the quicker recognition makes it safer against unlocking via and image or video.

You can watch the demo unlock below.

Via Gizmodo

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