Best travel apps 2017: make traveling a joy

Best travel apps 2017

It’s that time of year where we start stocking up on suncream and booking flights. It’s exciting, but traveling brings with it a variety of stresses. Thankfully, most of these stresses are easily mitigated using apps for your smartphone.

With cheap and frequent flights to pretty much anywhere in the world, it’s never been easier to traverse the globe. But that doesn’t mean that the actual traveling part of it is easy. To help make the whole experience of traveling less of a chore we have compiled the best travel apps available on the market right now. 

Our list has a range of different types of apps to cover every aspect of travel, from how to get there, what to do once you’re there, how to speak to the locals, and even apps to take the pain out of paying for things.

So before you pack those bags and squeeze into your swimsuit, make sure you’ve got these downloaded to your phone of choice.  

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