Top 5 best human resource (HR) management services

When you consider the importance and value of employees, it could be argued that human resources trumps everything else in your business. If a company doesn’t have an efficient HR process, then anything could go wrong.

As an employer, you not only have to ensure your employees produce the best results, but you’re also responsible for their wellbeing. Most of the time, that means putting mechanisms in place so they’re always happy and able to do their jobs. You also have to abide by workforce laws and regulations.

The fact is, no matter how small your business, you need some sort of HR management system in place if you have employees on the books. And it’s not always feasible or affordable to sustain a dedicated HR team. Luckily there’s plenty of software out there to help you deal with human resource management, and we’ve picked out some of the best offerings below.

1. Bamboo HR

An all-in-one HR solution for businesses

Platforms: Web and mobile | Resources covered: Tracking, time-off, performance management | Cloud-based: Yes | Integrations: None | Free trial: Seven-day

Mobile support

Most facets are covered

Limited (seven-day) free trial

More focused on data

Bamboo is a web-based system for managing your human resource operations. Used by tens of thousands of HR professionals around the world, it aims to automate mundane processes so you can focus your time on more important work.

This cloud-based solution offers applicant and training tracking, e-signatures to replace paper-based systems, time-off management, performance tools and easy reporting. There’s also a mobile app, meaning you can keep on top of everything while you’re away from the office.

Bamboo can also process automated requests and approvals, and you’re sent reminders when things need to be brought to your attention. All data is protected with bank-level security, so you don’t need to worry about employee data being leaked.

2. Jobscience

A tracking system for recruitment

Platforms: Web | Resources covered: Recruitment campaigns | Cloud-based: Yes | Integrations: LinkedIn | Free trial: Demo only

Useful analytics

LinkedIn integration

Other systems may offer more features

Corporate focus

Recruiting employees is a crucial aspect of any business. You no doubt want the best people working at your firm, but finding them isn’t always easy. Jobscience is a platform that wants to help you hire the right people quickly and efficiently.

The system is web-based and integrated with LinkedIn. When applicants apply for a job, they can opt to do so using their LinkedIn profile. Once they’ve tailored their profile and sent off an application, you’ll be able to access the candidate’s public data to help you find the perfect employee. 

There are some nifty marketing features, too. Using the platform, you can create a job campaign and email it to a selected list of candidates and talent pools. You can then access analytics to help you determine the type of people applying for jobs, and to see whether or not the campaign has been successful. Because it’s built on top of Salesforce, you don’t have to worry about data getting lost.

3. FinancialForce HCM

A visual way to manage HR processes

Platforms: Web | Resources covered: Employee performance, talent management, attendance | Cloud-based: Yes | Integrations: Based on Salesforce | Free trial: Product tour only

Covers most important areas

Based on Salesforce

Predominantly desktop-based

No details on pricing

If you’re looking for an all-round human resource management solution, it’s worth checking out FinancialForce Human Capital Management. Built on the Salesforce platform, it gives you the essential tools you need to run a successful HR operation in the modern workplace.

That includes tools for keeping records, recruiting, on-boarding, talent management, benefits, timing and attendance. The cloud-based system lets you share workflows and approval processes with your colleagues. You also benefit from reporting and analytic tools covering all aspects of human resources.

FinancialForce has created a highly visual platform where you can monitor key HR metrics using comprehensive dashboards, and there are also self-service tools to increase employee productivity. As an HR professional, you can use the software to access performance metrics to identify and reward talent.

4. People

Platforms: Web and mobile | Resources covered: Tracking, time-off, payroll, performance management | Cloud-based: Yes | Integrations: Sage, Omni, Star, Moorepay, Google Drive, Dropbox | Free trial: Yes

Google Drive and Dropbox support

Mobile-ready design

Limited free trial

Focused mainly on tracking

While these various HR systems have a different focus and set of tools, they do have one thing in common – the fact that they’re mostly web-based. And that’s the case for People, a solution which has been designed to automate the most basic HR processes. 

It sports an applicant tracking system to keep tabs on those applying for jobs, an authorisation logbook, a full-time and part-time holiday leave calculator, 24-hour timesheets and an expenses logger.

The software has been optimised to work on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. There are some handy integrations too. For managing payroll, you can use services such as Star, Omni, Moorepay and Sage. And you can use People with common cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

5. Lanteria HR

HR management for enterprises

Platforms: Web and mobile | Resources covered: Tracking, time-off, payroll, training, performance management | Cloud-based: Yes | Integrations: Office 365 | Free trial: Demo only

Office 365 support

Training capabilities

Only for larger businesses

Lanteria has developed an HR management platform tailored for medium and large-scale businesses. It offers modules and dashboards for different areas of human resources, such as attendance, recruitment and application tracking, employee performance and internal learning. 

The focus here is on getting the most out of employees, and nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than with the education-related capabilities. You’re able to deliver targeted training programmes and track the performance of your staff members. Lanteria HR is cloud-based which means that it can be accessed on a diverse range of devices.

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