Sick of animated GIFs? Vivaldi can now kill them automatically

If you’re tired of ‘witty’ GIFs slowing down page loading, it might be time to try a new browser. 

Chrome and Firefox both require additional extensions to prevent GIFs playing automatically, but the latest version of Vivaldi, released today, lets you halt them with just a couple of clicks.

Vivaldi 1.11 lets you choose when animated GIFs are loaded to speed up load times

Vivaldi 1.11 also aims to improve accessibility with an improved clutter-free reader mode that makes it easier to choose the font type and height, set the column width and height, and toggle between light and dark backgrounds for easier reading.

Vivaldi already let you create your own gesture shortcuts for every task you can think of, but the new release goes a step further, letting you set a minimum stroke length for gestures to register, helping prevent accidental triggers.

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