Save £50 on this white PS4 Pro bundle with Destiny 2

We know so many of you have been waiting for a white PS4 Pro bundle to come along and we can’t think of a finer game to go with it than Destiny 2. In the UK, Game seem to have the glacier white PS4 Pro locked down as an exclusive and it was originally opened up for pre-orders at £399.99.

So, imagine our delighted faces when we saw Game smash £50 off that asking price, meaning you can now pre-order a white PS4 Pro with a copy of Destiny 2 for just £349.99.

Let’s put this into context. Some stores are still selling the older black PS4 Pro for £350, but if you shop around via our PS4 Pro deals page you can generally get one for closer to £330.

Any new colour of PlayStation console has seen a more expensive price-tag to match at launch. So, not only are you getting the white PS4 Pro for almost the same price as a black PS4 Pro, but you’re getting a physical copy of Destiny 2 (not a download code) for free, saving around £45 on the regular price of the game.

You want more? Well, this PS4 Pro bundle also comes with a Destiny 2 expansion pass for extra DLC further down the line. Game also has more exclusive goodies for you in the shape of a free exotic weapon, the Coldheart. You even get a Kill-Tracker Ghost. Considering Destiny 2 strips your character of all existing loot from the start, we’ll take any head start we can get.

This White PS4 Pro Destiny 2 bundle will be released September 6th. Quite simply, if you’re yet to buy a PS4 Pro, this is the bundle to get as there’s nothing else out there that comes close at the moment. Sure, Black Friday is a thing, but do you really want to wait that long to play Destiny 2, Guardians? Thought not.

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