iPhone SE2 may launch next year with an upgraded processor

The iPhone SE was a pleasant surprise for Apple fans looking for big power without the large form factor (and price) of modern iPhones, but it’s been left in the air since its release if Apple planned to revisit the SE line.

Thankfully, it seems like Apple may be considering an upgraded version of the iPhone SE that may ship by the first quarter of next year, according to a report from Focus Taiwan.

It’s unclear if this supposed iPhone SE 2 will be a full-blown successor to the SE, but the report does mention two significant improvements: iOS 11 and an A10 processor.

Smaller size, bigger processor

Currently, the iPhone SE features an A9 chip also used in the iPhone 6S. With a new A10 chip, the reported new iPhone SE would be on par with the current-gen iPhone 7 in terms of processing power.

Storage-wise, the new SE is said to come in 32GB and 128GB versions, matching Apple’s last upgrade to the iPhone SE when it doubled the storage capacity for the same price earlier this year.

As always, Apple keeps its cards close to its chest, so it’s unconfirmed if the tech giant has a new Special Edition in the works. 

That said, as rumors mount towards the iPhone 8 potentially being quite pricey, Apple would be remiss to not have a more wallet (and pocket) friendly version on deck in time for next year. 

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