iPhone 8 event reportedly planned for September 12, and it won’t be alone

Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 8, Apple Watch 3 LTE and 4K Apple TV in three weeks, according to a new report today.

Tuesday, September 12 is the launch date for all three devices, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing people briefed on Apple’s plans.

This is the same date, we’ve heard leaked once before, and now it comes from a more reliable newspaper and includes details about the new set-top box and smartwatch.

We also expect Apple to unveil the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus with a minor specs upgrade, glass design and features wireless charging.

But when is that iPhone 8 release date?

Of course, even if Apple launches three new iPhones, an LTE-equipped Apple Watch and a 4K Apple TV, they may not all come out right away.

The iPhone 8, in particular, has been surrounded by delay rumors, with analysts predicting that the actual release date won’t be until October or November.

However, as we’ve noted before, Apple’s fiscal year ends on September 31 and with a upbeat earnings forecast, it’s a strong hint that iPhone 8 could be here before the month is out.

We fully expect the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus at a cheaper price (or simply to replace the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus price), while the iPhone 8 may come in at close to $999, slightly higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Note: We are not writer of this article, original source is mentioned below.

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