iPhone 7S Plus deals: what price should you expect to pay?

For the last three years, Apple has given tech fans a double dose of devices during their much anticipated annual phone launches. 2014 saw the massive 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus join its smaller brethren and it’s a tag team that has garnered much success for Apple. We don’t see 2017 being any different, with the expected launch of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Even though there’s a chance this year that the iPhone 7S Plus release may be a tad overshadowed by the rumoured, even bigger iPhone 8, there’s little doubt that the 7S Plus will be another belter of an iPhone phablet that will sell by the boatload.

And while tech blogs and websites everywhere try to predict its dimensions and specifications, we’ve taken some time to gaze in to our crystal ball and tell you what we think the best iPhone 7S Plus deals will be. Whether you’re intending to splash the cash on an unlocked handset or want a contract, read on to see what kind of budget you should be setting aside for new, supersized iPhone.

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iPhone 7S Plus price: how much will deals cost?

You can currently buy 2016’s iPhone 7 Plus for an RRP of £719. That’s an eye-watering amount of cash and we think you’d be pretty misguided to expect iPhone 7S Plus deals to be any cheaper. Whether it’s Apple, Samsung or Sony, mobile manufacturers are charging more than ever for their flagship phones.

With Black Friday just a few months away, we can’t imagine Apple making too many concessions on the starting price. So rather than giving a clear gap under the £800 mark, we’d expect it to go straight up to £799 for the iPhone 7S Plus. The company knows that plenty of people will go ahead and buy it for that price anyway, but it gives retailers some wriggle room to reel in everybody else with impressive looking discounts when the sales season starts as well.

When can I buy the iPhone 7S Plus?

The smart money at the moment is on an iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus release date sometime in September. It’s been thus for the last five years, and we have no reason to suspect that Apple will radically change things.

If you’re of a gambling disposition however, and like to back an outsider, then there is a very slim chance that you may have to wait until October. Some iPhone 8 rumours say that it may not be quite ready until later in the autumn. If Apple decides that it wants to release all three phones simultaneously, the 7S Plus launch date would be affected.

To make sure that you don’t miss the release date, we suggest two things. Firstly, bookmark our iPhone 7S Plus news and rumours page. Everytime we hear something new about the release date, we’ll update that page.

Secondly, you can sign up for notifications from Carphone Warehouse. It will then email you as soon as pre-orders on the 7S Plus begin, so you can make sure you don’t miss out on the first batch.

TechRadar predicts the best iPhone 7S Plus deal

With the costs of the iPhone 7 Plus likely to be escalating to such a dizzying height, it’s obvious that most people will look to purchase their huge new iPhone on a contract deal. We’ve searched through the records to refresh our memory of the kind of tariffs you could get the iPhone 7 Plus on at launch and here’s how we see the 7S Plus looking:

iPhone 7S Plus | £149.99 upfront | 2GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £48 per month
We’re afraid you are reading that correctly – unless you can survive with a tiny amount of data, we don’t think you’ll be able to quite get away with paying less than £1300 over the course of your two year contract. £48pm was about the lowest you could get on the 7 Plus, but the hefty upfront cost would not be out of the ordinary. Total cost over 24 months is £1301.99

We’re crossing our fingers that our sometimes cynical nature has left us fearing -he worst on the iPhone 7S Plus price, and that actually it will be substantially cheaper – but we very much doubt it. And needless to say, if you need more data, you’ll be looking at even higher tariffs. 10GB data plans on the iPhone 7 Plus were around the £55 per month.

One way to potentially save a packet would be to combine an unlocked 7S Plus handset with a SIM only deal. Monthly plans start at a mere £3.99 a month, and you can get healthy data allowances for no more than a tenner a month. Now we know that would involve having to pay that £800-odd upfront, but if that’s something you can do, then this isn’t a wholly ridiculous idea.

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