Google to mark certified Android devices so you know they’re legit

Being an open platform with a massive number of users, Android can sometimes run the risk of having software that contains malware, privacy hacks or just plain bad coding.

To ensure it’s sticking its name onto something good, Google is partnering up with several manufacturers, sellers and developers to inform customers of worthy products using a time-tested method: a seal of approval.

Going forward, a Google Play Protect logo will be placed on the retail packaging of phones, tablets or other devices that pass the tech giant’s standards for security and permissions use.

Devices that feature Google’s certified symbol also feature genuine Google apps pre-installed, mitigating issues with sketchy third-party apps or imposters.

Even if your phone arrived pre-certification, Android users can still utilize Google Play Protect’s machine learning abilities to scan their apps for malfeasance, as well as keep their device safe in case of theft or unsafe web browsing. 

To find out which Google Play Protect partners are getting the a-okay from Google, you can check out a full list here

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