Google Search on the mobile web adds navigation drawer & new unified ‘Saved’ page

Over the past few weeks, Google Search has been testing some interface changes on the mobile web. While that particular change is not yet live for most users, Google is now rolling out a navigation drawer for its mobile site.

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As a result of this new feature, the mobile Search experience nook looks quite similar to the Google app with a hamburger icon now located in the top-left corner of every page.

At the moment, it features a home icon to quickly return to the homepage and a Saved button. The latter takes uses to a new view that shows your saved items across Google services and products. This list includes pictures from Google Images, places from Maps, travel itineraries, and web pages.

Also in the main navigation drawer is a shortcut to Settings and Help. The quick access to settings is more convenient than having to scroll down to the bottom page.

While a “Save” feature in Image Search was introduced back in 2015, it’s unclear how to save web pages at this time. The overflow menu in top-right corner only takes users to the support page for the feature in Google Images. Saves from Google Maps includes the Favoirte places, Want to go, and Starred Places list.

Overall, this unified Save feature is quite convenient and hopefully coming soon to the Google app for Android and iOS. Meanwhile, the hamburger menu and navigation drawer helps unify the web and mobile app interface. This new design appears to be widely rolled out.

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