Google is looking into SMS issues Google Voice users are experiencing

Google Voice’s massive redesign at the beginning of the year came as a much-needed and long-overdue update for users of the service. That update made using Google Voice considerably more enjoyable and easier, but a new bug that’s popped up is causing some trouble with people trying to send/receive SMS text messages.

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The Google Voice Help Forum (via Android Police) is currently riddled with people reporting that they are unable to receive SMS messages to their Voice number. The original person that posted about this issue said that none of the 5 Google Voice numbers that her business uses were able to receive text messages. These numbers could send texts and the recipients would receive them, but the Google Voice numbers that sent them weren’t receiving any SMS messages in return.

Shortly after the original post was published, other users began replying to say that they were experiencing the exact same issue. The bug appears to be happening on both Google Voice’s Android and desktop apps, and our own Justin Duino says that he has the same exact problem when trying to receive texts with his Google Voice number on the Hangouts app.

Hours after the initial post went live reporting this issue, a Google Community Manager responded with the following message:

Thanks for reporting the issue you are experiencing with SMS messages. We’re currently investigating. Please stay tuned for updates. I’ll post back when I have anything to share.

After Google replied with this, one user responded to say that they were once again able to receive SMS messages like before, but another user claims that messages are being received but not sent to the mobile app. We aren’t entirely sure at the moment if this bug has been resolved for good or not, but if you were previously having problems, you may want to give it another shot and see if a fix has solved your issues.

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