Here’s everything new in Android O Developer Preview 4 [Gallery]

With today’s launch of the last developer preview, Android O nears its official summer launch. DP4 features “near-final system images” and should be fairly similar to the initial public version. Till then, we’re compiling a list of all the changes and new features.

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 Notification Dots with Adaptive coloring

Back in DP3, the Android team experimented with light blue notification dots that made for a rather stale and boring appearance on homescreens and the app launcher. Google initially noted at I/O 2017 that the new notification dots would be adaptive and draw their colors from the app icon. Fortunately, Google has returned to this approach for the final release of Android O.

No more system notifications for media apps

One big annoyance in DP3 was persistent notification for media apps like Google Play Music and Spotify. In this latest preview, they are fortunately no longer present.

Android O Easter Egg

Because version 8.0 and eight arms… For more about the new Easter Egg, check out our full article.

Bolder battery percentage in the status bar

For some, Android O moving the battery percentage indicator from inside the battery icon to beside it was controversial due to the added vertical space in the status bar. However, the new design is undeniably easier to read and to further aid in that design, Google is making the percentage noticeably bolder in DP4.

Tweaked lockscreen with smaller text

The clock widget on the lockscreen is now slightly smaller, while the day and date is no longer in all caps, but rather properly cased. For more about these changes, check out the full article.


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