Black Friday 2017: 10 console games likely to spawn in the sales

Regardless of how busy your personal calendar is, it’s safe to say that the console game release calendar is probably even busier. Unfortunately, the combination of these two things is rarely conducive to you buying and playing all the great games you want to as soon as they’re released. It’s not just a matter of not having the time, it’s also a matter of not having the money. 

That’s why events like Black Friday are so useful. Each and every year you have a reliable window where you’re likely to find some of the games you missed out on at release with a respectable reduction in price. Even if you’re not buying them for yourself, there’s a chance you know someone that would love them for Christmas. 

Now, we know just as much as you when it comes to what games will actually appear in the Black Friday sales – but with some educated guesswork, there are some games we’re willing to take bets will appear in this year’s sales .

We’ve rounded up the most likely candidates right here. Most of these titles are here because they’ve appeared in sales before (Black Friday or otherwise) or their initial release date came at the right time for a first Black Friday price cut. 

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