Best movies on Netflix UK (July 2017): 150 films to choose from

UPDATE: Paul Feig’s fantastic Spy is now streaming on Netflix UK, which means it finds itself in our list of the best Netflix movies. Also check out the trailer for Bright (below). This is the latest movie to be funded by Netflix and is directed by David Ayer, starring Will Smith.

And if you are interested in what filmmakers think about Netflix wading into making movies, have a read of what Chris Nolan has to say – warning: he’s not a fan. 

If you are looking for the best movies on Netflix UK, then you have come to the right place. This is a constantly updated list that features the best Netflix movies available in the UK right now.  

Netflix may be best known for its TV output but there are many movies on the platform that are worth a watch. As you will see from our extensive list, there are plenty of movies on Netflix to devour once you have got all that TV binge-watching out of your system.

Our best Netflix movies UK list has been broken up into categories to make it easier for you to navigate. To make things neat and tidy we have chosen a bunch of movies to watch in each category – with further recommendations listed at the end of the category.

In all there’s 150 movies to choose from here, all picked because they are, simply, the best films on Netflix to watch right now.

From comedy to indie, to horror and kids, there’s a movie category for everyone.

Keep checking back, too. Unlike its TV output that seems to stay on Netflix for longer, its movies tend to appear and disappear quite fast. We keep this best Netflix movies list updated as often as we can, so please bookmark us. Enjoy!

One to look out for: Bright

Starring Will Smith as a cop who’s partner just happens to be an Orc (played by Joel Edgerton), Bright imagines a world in which humans and fantasy creatures – orcs, elves and fairies – live together in the modern day. It’s being written by Max Landis – the outspoken screenwriter of Chronicle and directed by David Ayer. Before he made a mess of Suicide Squad, he made a great gritty cop drama called End Of Watch, so we’re quietly excited about this one. Oh, and it will be filmed in 4K and HDR so it will be one to showcase on your big telly. 

Bright is coming to Netflix December 22 2017.

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