Apple adds PayPal as payment method option for the App Store, iTunes Store and Apple Music

Apple today announced that it is adding PayPal as a new payment method to the App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore and Apple Music services. Tis means Apple users will be able to add PayPal to their Apple ID in order to buy apps, musics, movies, TV shows and more.

The option is available now in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom and will roll out soon to more countries, including the United States.

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Until now, Apple has only allowed users to buy digital content with either a bank card or gift card credit. The addition of PayPal will no doubt encourage even more users to make purchases using Apple’s services as it rolls out worldwide.

PayPal can be used to buy pretty much anything that a gift card can. This means you can use PayPal for apps in the App Store, music and TV shows in iTunes, renew your Apple Music subscription and even pay for the iCloud Storage plans.

To add PayPal to your store account, click here to open the Account screen for iTunes. Then select ‘Payment Information’, select PayPal in the Payment Method options and follow the steps to authenticate.

The PayPal payment method for Apple IDs is launching today in Mexico, Canada and the UK. The company says it will be launching in other regions soon, including the United States “soon”.

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