DietSensor- Scan your food, manage your health

Diet sensor is a forthcoming amazing app-powered gadget that can actually scan the molecules that make up your food and tell you how many calories are in that bowl of cereal or muffin.

Astrid and Remy invented the DietSensor, when they found out that their daughter had Type-1 diabetes. They built the DietSensor to help monitor her carbohydrate intake.


DietSensor has been named a CES 2016 best innovation awards Honoree for the first instant nutrition coach with sensors, which makes it one of the 27 best digital innovations in the world.

DietSensor by TopWhatsup

DietSensor’s innovative progression chart gives you information on carbohydrates, Calories and Fat protein to provide customized nutrition goals. You can pre-order this mind-blowing gadget in just $249. Click here for more information and orders.