Lily Camera

Lily camera is a flying camera for people who are very concerned with getting the perfect picture. This is an unbelievable technology. No setup required, just through lily in the air to start a new video.

Most interestingly there is no controller required to control this mind-blowing quad copter. Just focus on your activity while Lily flies itself to capture your most precious moments and adventures. You just need a mobile application to control flight paths, changing camera settings, editing and sharing your photos and videos.

Technical Specification


Weight 1.3 Kg
Height 3.2 in
Battery Built-in Lithium-Ion

20 min of flight time

2-hour charge time

Waterproof Yes IP67
Flight speed 40 Km/h


Video: 1080p 60 fps

720p 120 fps

12 MP with Image stabilization

Sensors Three-axis Gyro, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Barometer, GPS, Front facing camera, bottom facing camera
Memory 4 GB

External Memory card slot

Tracking device Yes
Tracking device battery 4-hour battery life,

Charging via USB

Lily Camera by TopWhatsup

This amazing device won’t start shipping until May 2016 and will be priced at $999 when it does. However preorder price is $699.

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