Excalibur – No More Passwords

Excalibur is a great application available fro all platforms like windows, mac, ios and android. Just use your mobile phone as a universal digit key to unlock your personal computer or laptop.

Excalibur is a free password manager application that you control from your smartphone. You can easily lock or logout from your phone at any time, or just walk away and if proximity sensor is enabled the computer will lock itself. You can also amaze your friends with this unbelievable technology.

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According to Excalibur “instead of using a master password we use your phone, the most personal device that you always carry with you, the phone will ask your for you specific acknowledgment for every action that might require your attention. Phone application is protected by a pin code or a password. Instead of synching your data across computers, Excalibur is cloud based by design, there is no synching required. And also instead of storing your sensitive data in one place as everybody else does- we stores them decentralized, one cryptographic part on your phone and one in our cloud. The only place where the data is reconstructed is in your computer Ram for the shortest possible duration necessary. If your phone gets stolen- nothing can be extracted from it, if Excalibur cloud gets hacked nothing can ever leak”

Excalibur- no more passwords and username by TopWhatsup

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