Windows 10 makes Automatic updates mandatory

Microsoft has talked about windows 10 that will get continually updated rather than a piece of software that is installed and left as it is. Apparently, Microsoft is making that view mandatory; consumers installing windows 10 agree to take any updates automatically.

A Microsoft representative confirmed on last Thursday that this is a part of the official terms and conditions that accompany the OS.

“The license terms for windows 10 require automatic updates enabled as a part of keeping our customers secure and delivering windows as a service.”

win 10

There is also a twist in this statement that Business users will only have the option to turn off such automatic updates to allow their IT departments to test updates before installing them on their systems.


In the past, users had the option to download and install the updates automatically but also had the option to block them but in windows 10 home users will not have any such kind of option.

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