iPhone 6S – Rumors, Release Date and Pictures

Hello everyone! Its almost that time of the year when Apple announces the next iPhone. People desperately want to know about the new apple product, before its officially announced.

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Potential Rumors

The iPhone 6S is rumored to feature two rear view cameras, not for 3D pictures (like HTC One M8), but to capture the best HDR photos in the world! The camera would be of 12MP which will also be capable of shooting 4K videos, and Slow-Motion videos in 240fps.

Apple is planning to challenge the impeccable sound quality of the latest HTC devices with the new stereo speakers, which reportedly will be equipped on the sides of the phone. These speakers will be a great experience for the users to watch movies in landscape orientation. Adjusting the volume will also be different in the new iPhone. Apparently apple is getting rid of the physical volume up n’ down buttons and introducing the touch sensitive panel to control volume.

Apple’s signature home button will NOT be seen in the new iPhone. The home button which was used for touchID will be moving in to the screen. This means that the users will enjoy a bigger screen, with 1080p resolution.

The biggest step Apple is taking is that NO HEADPHONE JACKS! Yes!!! you heard that right! All the iPhones from now on will have no 3.5mm stereo jack, Apple aims for thinner phones which forces them to remove the headphone jacks and shove the audio out of the lightening port or over bluetooth!

No potential rumors about the battery are out, which should be a great problem for the iPhone users as it is a major issue.

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Release Date

Many sources confirm that the much awaited phone will be launched somewhere in September. Some leaked Vodafone sources confirm that the phone will launch on September 25th.


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