Google Trends Visualizer

Google’s been logging data about hot trends ever since you started searching terms into its front page, but now its gone and made it look very pretty. The concept behind this this is that, it’s just a screensaver that keeps you updated regarding latest trends in the world in real time.

Tap into the visual intelligence of the global brain by visualizing search trends as they are happening right now in every country in the world. The full screen visualization shows off the data that has been available as a staid list for a long period of time and most importantly Google claims that it updates the trending searches as they happen.

Google trend visualizer comes along with charts feature too. The charts give a complete glimpse into the most searched items with topics each month from cat breeds to the football teams. All this data is very valuable to Google than any one else but its very good that its sharing this in such a beautiful form.


google trends visualizer by Farhan Tariq

I recommend you to download this amazing free screen saver so you can observe real time trends anytime.