Outernet – Free WiFi For All

Did you know that 60% of humanity does not even have access to basic information? Just because of poor equipment, less facilities and censorships, 35% of people in the world can not even access the internet! Well, Outernet is a non-profitable organization with a simple mission to provide the whole world with free and easily accessible broadcasts, news and education. Basically Outernet is ‘one-way data stream‘ so the usage is anonymous and all the absolute censorships will be circumvented. Outernet has recently gained a lot of media attention and it has already been featured on; Fast Company, Motherboard, CNN, The Washington Post, TED, Smithsonian, NBC and South China Morning Post.
How Will Outernet Provide Free Internet?
By the end of June 2015, Outernet will launch hundreds of miniature satellites in the lower Earth orbit which will transmit and broadcast internet to computers and phones which will be used by billions of people all around the world for free.
How Is It Helpful?
Once Outernet is fully functional, everybody will have access to high-speed internet for FREE and most importantly without any censorship. Citizens of China and North Korea, who face a lot of heavy censorship on internet will enjoy full internet without spending a dime.
When Will Outernet Be Functional?
Outernet signals are currently being provided to limited locations, where their team continues to test their software. Currently only two geostationary satellites are being used for information coverage. In near future, Outernet is looking forward to ask NASA to allow them to test the technology on the International Space-Station. Their goal is to launch the satellites sometime in June 2015 into the lower Earth orbit. So, its less than a year left for this Mega-Project to begin providing each and every person on earth with totally free internet!
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