Top 5 Features of Android L

The Material Design 

Android L, the upcoming release of the android OS is looking very promising. Android L is going to be the 5.0 version of the OS and the “L” stands for Lemon Meringue Pie. Android is going to a whole next level with this update. The whole User Interface is modified, which includes; Notifications, Home Screen Layout, Lock Screen, Widgets, Keyboard, 64-Bit Instructions, Virtual Buttons etcetera. The Android L is also shifting to the Android Run-Time (ART) platform from Dalvik, which optimizes the performance of the device and improves battery life. Android has also introduced a new design language, Material Design, which is basically based on KitKat’s Google Now. 
Android developers have a good news, the Android L Beta has already been released on the Nexus devices and the stable version will also be rolling out in late 2014.
In this article I’m going to mention the top 5 features that are to be introduced in this update.

5) Battery Historian

Sometimes you wonder, where exactly did you consume all of that battery. Thanks to Google, now you have an easy way to check out your phone’s battery consumption. Battery Historian will give us a detailed breakdown of the apps which are using up the battery at any specific time. 

4) Google Fit

This is an exciting feature. Google fit gathers data of the smartphone owner from sensors, apps and various wearables. After all the necessary information has been gathered, its time for Google Fit to step up. Google Fit will give you advices and suggestions on improving your daily diet, suggest you different exercises and routines. Some famous firms like Nike, Adidas, HTC and Motorola have already signed up for the integration with Google Fit. 

3) Notifications

Android has enhanced the notifications way too much and made it alot easier for the users to respond to their notifications from their lock screen. In Android L the notifications on the lock screen will come in an expanded view, and either you can open the corresponding app by double tapping the notification or just get rid of the notification by swiping it. Android is also introducing a new way of showing you the notifications, its called ‘Heads-Up Notification‘. Sometimes you’re in the middle of something important or too lazy to drag down the notification bar to catch up with the notifications, in these situations Heads Up Notification will come into play. A stylish notification bar will pop up and inform you about an important video conference call or a message.  

2) Widgets

Android has always been very productive when it comes to widgets. This time android introduces 2 types of widgets; Recycler View Widget and Card View Widgets. Everybody is fond of the recycler view widgets, they’re the widgets for apps like calendar, e-mail etc. Even the card view widgets can not be called new, as they were previously featured in the Google Now app for Android 4.4.4. Card View Widgets will display the information in bite-sized chunks.  

1) Project Volta

Android L will introduce us to ‘Project Volta‘, which appears to be increasing the battery life of the smartphone. A new power saver mode which shall extend the battery timing by 90 minutes. Now how would it increase the battery timing? It would reduce the speed of the processor, reduce the refresh rate of display and limit the background data. Power saver mode will also control the elements which are mostly responsible in the draining of battery, which are; GPS, Cell Radio, Bluetooth Radio, WiFi Radio, CPU and the Display obviously. A new battery predictor will also tell us the exact time of unplugging the charger, which will decrease the risk of over-charging the mobile.


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