The Hangover (2009) – Review

The Hangover (2009)

Duration: 100 minutes
Rating: Restricted [R]
IMDb Rating: 7.8
Director: Todd Phillips
Tagline: Some Guys Just Can’t Handle Vegas
The Hangover is one hell of a hilarious movie, that just not stops the viewer from laughing. Released in early 2009 and gained recognition as one of the best comedy movies made in the past decade. This movie is from Todd Phillips, who is also known for his work in Old School
The plot of the movie surrounds three friends; Phil(Bradley Cooper), Stu(Ed Helms) and Alan(Zach Galifianakis). They take their soon to be wedded friend Doug to a bachelor’s party at Vegas! That’s where the situation gets out of control and total chaos occurs when their friend Doug is found missing the day before his wedding. They are helpless, as they can’t remember a single thing after waking up from last night’s bachelor party. Their hotel room looks like an Asia town fish market, as nothing is in order. There’s a tiger in the bathroom, a chicken in the living room and most surprisingly… a baby in the closet. The suspense grows, as the vallet parker brings them a police car instead of their mercedes. Soon they get to know that they were drugged, that’s the reason why they couldn’t remember anything from last night. Most importantly they need to find Doug, who’s wedding is just five hours away.
The movie was able to bag a Golden Globe and other multiple awards. The movie proved to be highly profited, as the movie grossed approximately $474 Million with a budget of $35 Million.
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