The Change Up (2011) – Review

The Change up (2011)

Duration: 112 Minutes
Rating: Restricted [R]
IMDb Rating: 6.4
Director: David Dobkin
Taglines: Who Says Men Can’t Change?
The Change Up is about two childhood friends who are living two socially opposite lives. Mitch(Ryan Renolds) is a free man, with no responsibilities. On the other hand Dave(Jason Bateman) is a successful lawyer with a wife and two kids. They schedule to meet up at a bar, where both of them get drunk. On their way back, they stop by a park to urinate in a fountain. As they both urinate, they confess how much they envy each other lives and all of a sudden all the nearby lights go down and they swap bodies. The next morning they both realize that they have switched bodies. They go back to the fountain to urinate so the things could come back to normal but the fountain is gone and installed somewhere else. The authorities say that it would take several months for the state to track it down. So, they both have to live like that until the fountain is located. Dave(Now Mitch) tries to tell his wife(Leslie Mann) but he ends up getting slapped from her. So, they realize that no one is going to believe what happened.

The night before body swapping, Dave had told Mitch about her assistant Sabrina(Olivia Wilde), who he had a crush on. So after body swapping, Dave(now Mitch) sets up a date for him with Sabrina. They both start living each others’ lives and no problem occurs until Jamie starts noticing all the weird things that Dave’s been doing and she thinks that he might be having an affair. Situation also gets out of hand when Dave has an important business deal which he’s been working on since several years come up. How would things end up? Will Dave lose a once in a lifetime deal? Will Jamie divorce Dave? Watch the movie for all the answers to these questions!

The movie didn’t receive an overall good feedback from the critics but no doubt the movie was hilarious. Here’s what the British Newspaper, The Telegraph had to say about the movie,“Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman have skill, charm, timing – everything but the right script.” Having a budget of $52 Million, the movie was able to gross approximately $75.5 Million.
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