The Anchorman (2004)

The Anchorman (2004)

Duration: 94 Minutes
Rating: PG-13
IMDb Rating: 7.3
Director: Adam McKay
Tagline: They Bring You The News, So You Don’t Have To Get It

Will Ferrel is known as one of the best comedic performers with his non-stop comedy hits. Will started off his acting career with Saturday Night Live(SNL) and started getting attention and recognition for his performances, which led him to what he is now.  The first movie in which starred as the lead actor was Old School, which was released in 2003.

This movie is based on the 70s TV anchors and the rivalry amongst the other news channels. Ron Burgandy(Will Ferell) is the best anchorman in San Diego. He himslef and his news team that consists of Brian Fantana(Paul Rudd), Champ Kind(David Koechner) and Brick Tamland(Stevel Carell) gets the best news ratings in town.  Everything is going according to plan until Veronica Corningstone(Christina Applegate) is introduced in the Chanel 4 Newsroom (for diversity). Ron didn’t approve this, but the decision was final. The news team play a series of attempts to get her out of the position, but all of them miserably fail. Things get even worse when Ron is late for work(due to some personal issues) and Veronica forces to fill in for him. Unfortunately Veronica’s news broadcast had got even higher ratings and the decision is made to make Ron and Veronica co-anchors of the Channel 4 News. This upsets Ron, as he doesn’t believe that women belong in the newsroom. Situation gets out of control when Veronica decides to play a card against Burgandy that will get him fired.

The movie was a major success and received alot of postive feedback from the critics. The portrayal of Ron Burgandy by Will Ferrel was loved by the audience and the critics. This is what Will Ferrel had to say about playing Ron Burgandy, “He is my favorite character I’ve played, if I have to choose one … Looking back, that makes it the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done”. 

The movie grossed a total of $90.6 Million from a budget of $26 Million. The movie managed to make $28.4 Million in the opening weekend, now that’s high for any comedy movie.

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