Step Brothers (2008) – Review

Step Brothers (2008)

Duration: 98 Minutes
Rating: Restricted [R]
IMDb Rating: 6.9
Director: Adam McKay
Tagline: They Grow Up So Fast

Step Brothers is a classic comedy. Though it received mixed critics rating, Step Brothers still makes it to the number 2 spot in our top 10.
The movie is based on Brennan(Will Ferrell) and Dale(John C. Reily) who are 39 and 40, respectively. Still amateur and jobless. It looks they don’t have an intention to ever get a job. But when Brennan’s mother and Dale’s dad decide to get married, it drives them crazy. Robert(Richard Jenkins) and Nancy(Mary Steenburgen) share the dream of travelling the world on a boat, which makes them think that they’re made for each other. They both are forced to live together and share rooms. They both hate each other until Brennan’s younger brother Derek(Adam Scott) comes to pay them a visit, he harasses Dale to such limits that he decides to punch Derek. Dale’s actions impresses Brennan and leads it to their friendship. After being friends, they are even more trouble for the parents. After a long time of self-esteem, Dales’s father orders them to find a job. They go for interviews and wreck all of them, which sets their parent’s off.
The other day Robert tells the boys that he is selling the house and He and Nancy are going to cruise around the world on the boat. They ask Derek to sell the house but Dale and Brennan make sure that doesn’t happen, so they sabotage all the meetings of Derek with the visitors. Brennan and Dale decide to show their family the potential they’ve got in music and makes them a music video of their song “Boats and Hoes” which shows the boys wrecking Robert’s boat. Angry Robert leave at Christmas eve, which gives us a hint that their marriage is falling apart. Later Robert decides to divorce Nancy, which breaks down Dale and Brennan. Later that night they blame each other for the divorce and part ways. What will happen next? Will the family reunite? Watch the movie to find out.
The movie grossed $182 Million worldwide on a budget of $65 Million. The Director, Adam McKay hinted a sequel and said that Dale and Brennan can be back. They would have jobs now and one them would have a kid also. Lets see what happens next, I’d be waiting anxiously for Step Brothers 2.

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