PS4 x Alienware Area-51 R2

As the trend of gaming is growing exponentially, this article will cover all you need to know about the world’s leading gaming systems. Furthermore, this article will help you decide what to go with and what’s the right choice for you. 

Alienware Area-51 R2

Alienware Area-51 R2

The latest Alienware system, which is revealed in the late August and will be ready for pre-orders on 10th October. It looks like a dream come true for a PC gamer. Fully redesigned with Triad Chassis and equipped with the latest intel x99 chipset and a Haswell-E processor, with up to 8 cores. 10 steps ahead of all the gaming desktops at the moment with 2133MHz DDR4 memory with 32GB of RAM, and also fully supports the new tri/quad graphics. Did your desktop got over heated while playing C.O.D Ghosts? not anymore with the latest liquid cooling system.  Manufacturers say that this monster can support up to 3 ULTRA HD (4K) monitors simultaneously without a hassle, making the overall resolution about 11520×2160. The system supports both SSD and HDD drives and a 802.11ac wireless adapter. 

The thing that I love about Alienware is its appearance and variety of customizations! It has various built-in LEDs that you can control. This system comes with a Command Centre 4.0, which not only controls the over-clocking, but also controls the case lighting. There are 20 different colours from 9 different zones you can choose from. This means you can set the color of the keyboard and other lights to whatever you want! 

Playstation 4

Sony never disappoints us with the successors of Playstation consoles. With 10 Million units sold already, the PS4 is on a fast-track to success. The manufactures call it the “the world’s most powerful console“. 
Sony totally changed the wireless controller and transformed it into a beautiful lit-up controller, which now connects with bluetooth 2.1. The light bar can display various colours that would separate players while playing a multi-player game. The PS4 has a Blu-Ray disk player as a primary input method for games. Now lets come to the main specifications. It has two CPUs, one for main tasks and one for background tasks. The primary and main CPU consists of a semi-conductor 8-CORE x86-64 Jaguar. Like two CPUs, it has two RAM slots, 8GB GDDR5 is used for main tasks and 256MB DDR3 is used for background tasks. PS4 has an HDMI input port, which supports quality up to 4K(only for photos and videos).The whole console features 3.0 USB ports. The APU is integrated with AMD GCN Radeon. You can control your entire gaming system through voice commands .A new “suspend mode” is introduced, which allows the users to continue the game from the exact same point where they left it. Good news for the PS3 owners is that they can play their PS3 games on this console too.

Project Morpheus
Sony announced Project Morpheus on 19th March, and it sounds like the best gaming idea ever! Soon in future, Sony is going to make a virtual reality device which would feature a head-mounted display with 1080p video resolution and a field view by 90 degrees. The device would be featuring a stereoscopic 3D view and unwraped output to the TV, so the users not wearing the head mounted device can see the gameplay. 
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