Neighbors (2014) – Review

Neighbors (2014)

Duration: 97 Minutes
Rating: Restricted [R]
IMDb Rating: 6.6
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Tagline: Family vs Frat

Efron and Rogen were already attached to the movie before it went to the production house. The script was similar to Old School, so it had to be modified. Byrne’s role grew and she was made Mac’s partner in crime to get the frats out. 
Mac(Seth Rogen) and Kelly(Rose Byrne) are a happy young couple with a new born baby. All the money they had is invested in the house they are living in. They didn’t have any regrets of having a baby and thought it was not that difficult asit seems to be as a young couple. The next day, a fraternity moves next door, referred as Delta Si Beta through out the movie. The couple knew its not going to be great living next to a frat house, as they party a lot. The day they move in, the couple goes there and asks them to  keep it down as they have a baby. The president and vice president of the frat (Zac Efron as Teddy) and (Dave Franco as Pete) respectively, came with a mission.. to continue the legacy of Delta Si, which is hosting the best party moments in history.

Frat kicks off the buying of their new house with a party, which is too loud ofcourse. Mac and Kelly go over to ask them if they could keep it down, but in fact end up at the party. After having a crazy night together with the frat(which is part of the plan of Teddy to get them on their side) they request them again to keep it down because of their daughter. Next day things go out of control and Mac and Kelly see no other choice but to call the cops, which does not go according to plan. After things go off the limit, Mac and Kelly decide to make three smart moves that would give the frat their three strikes and they would leave with no other choice but to move. What will Mac and Kelly do to get the frat to move? Will the frat move? Watch the movie to know the whole story!

Critics gave generous feedback for the movie. Metacritics rated the movie 68 out of 100. The movie had a budget of $18Million dollars and it grossed over $266.5 Million surpassing Rogen’s Knocked Up. The movie was able to make $49 Million in the opening weekend! 

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