Horrible Bosses (2011) – Review

 Horrible Bosses (2011) 

Duration: 98 Minutes
Rating: Restricted [R]
IMDb Rating: 6.9
Director: Seth Gordon
Tagline: Completely Incompetent Boss
Horrible Bosses is simply hilarious! The director Seth Gordon has graced us with other comedy films like Identity Thief and Four Christmases
The movie is based on three best friends who equally hate their bosses. Nick(Jason Bateman) is a hard working guy, who is working on a promotion for the last four years. Regardless of his hard work, he is still not promoted, because his Boss, Dave Harken(Kevin Spacey) takes all the credit. Dale(Charlie Day) works at a Dental clinic as a nurse. His boss, Julia(Jennifer Aniston) has a masters degree when it comes to sexual harassment. He is being sexually harassed since the first day of his job and he’s not okay with that, because he has a fiancé who he doesn’t want to cheat on. Kurt(Jason Sudeikis) works for a chemical company and he does not have a problem with his boss, until his boss dies in an accident and his cocaine addicted son takes over. Bobby(Colin Farrell) has no knowledge of running a company and Kurt just can’t get along with him and his decisions of firing old and disabled workers, so he can save money and use it on cocaine and girls. When all the limits are crossed, three of them unite at a bar and think of a plan to get rid of their bosses. They couldn’t think of anything else but to kill them. In their hunt for a hitman they bump into Mother****er Jones(Jamie Foxx) who provides them with his so called best plan to get rid of the bosses. Watch the movie to know what happens, and do they get rid of them? 
The movie received a positive feedback from most of the critics. Some critics felt the jokes in the movie were racist, homophobic and misogynistic. With a budget of $35-37 Million, the movie grossed $209.6 Million and was able to make $38 Million in the first three days of releasing. 
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