Galaxy Note 4 x iPhone 6+

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Rumours say that its Apply that forced Samsung to release their Note 4 in September(not literally). Seeing millions of people buying your opponent’s smartphone would not be a good feeling. So, Samsung pushed Note 4 into the battle ring with the new iPhone 6plus. Both the smartphones are beasts in their respective type. Although Apple had emphasized on a 4 inches screen, but this time Apple had no other option but to enlarge their screen size(which didn’t come as a surprise). On the other hand, Samsung seems to have improved their finger print scanner and increased their screen resolution to 1440×2560 pixel, which makes it better than full HD quality. iPhone 6plus comes in grey, gold and silver, whereas Note 4 comes in white, black, gold and pink.
Who has got better dimensions?
iPhone 6plus beats Note 4 when it comes to being thin. The iPhone 6plus is 1.4mm thinner, and 4.8mm longer than the Note 4. Whereas Note 4 is a bit wider with a 5.7 inch display compared to Apple’s 5.5 inch display.
Who’s lighter?
iPhone 6plus is no doubt lighter than the Note 4. It’s 6.4 grams lighter than Note 4.
Who has got a better resolution and camera?
Note 4 has a far better resolution compared to iPhone 6plus. Note 4 features a super AMOLED 1440×2560 pixel screen whereas iPhone 6plus has a retina display with 1080×1920 pixel resolution. Note 4 beats iPhone in camera as well, Note 4 has a 16 MP camera with a LED flash. On the other hand, iPhone 6plus is still stuck at an 8 MP camera. Everybody must be wondering ‘why still 8??’ well, Apple has improved its camera sensor, by making it of 1/3 inches. Note 4 also has a better 3.7 MP front facing camera compared to iPhone’s 1.2 MP.
Who has got more memory and a faster processor?
The whole world would know thw answer. Note 4 has much more memory and a way faster processor. Note 4 features a 32 GB internal memory, 3GB RAM and a 2.7 GHz Quad-Core and a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Krait processor that makes it an Octa-Core. Where as iPhone 6plus comes with 16/64/128 GB of internal memory, 1 GB RAM and a 1.4 Ghz Dual-Core processor(which is more than enough for iOS) iPhone 6plus does not support external storage, whereas Note 4 can take upto 128 GB of external storage through microSD. 
Who has got a better battery?
Note 4 has a larger battery than iPhone 6plus. Note 4’s battery capacity is 3220 mAH, on the other hand
iPhone 6plus has a non removable 2915 mAH battery.
Supported Gadgets?
During the Apple iPhone 6plus launch, Tim Cook also introduced an Apple watch (iWatch). Which supposedly would be a little different from the other smart watches out in the market, as we all know Apple likes doing different stuff. Whereas Samsung is taking mobile gaming to a whole new level by introducing the Gear VR. Which will allow the user to play games in 3D and in a virtual reality medium. It looks very promising .We have previously wrote about Samsung Gear VR and Apple iWatch, click the respective text to get detailed analysis.