The primary meaning of Eid ul Adha (Eid ul Azha) is the Festival of Sacrifice. Eid ul Adha is also called Greater Eid, Bakra Eid, Eid e Qurban, Feast of Sacrifce, Eid ul Adha is a biggest event celebrated by the Muslims worldwide each year.
The basis for the Eid al-Adha comes from the 196th ayah (verse) of Surah Al-Baqara, the second surah of the Quran Kareem.The word “Eid” appears once in Surah Al-Ma’ida, the fifth surah of the Quran, with the meaning “solemn festival”
Eid ul Adha is an Islamic event to commemorate the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismael (A.S). Muslims around the globe celebrate this fantastic Islamic event. Eid ul adha is also begins with the Sunnah prayer of two rakats followed by the khutbah (Sermon) like the Eid ul Fitr.
Eid ul adha is a four-day Islamic event starting from the 10th day of Dhul Hijja (Zil Haj) of the lunar Islamic calendar while in the international Gregorian calendar the dates vary from year to year. Eid sacrifice may take place before the sunset of the 13th day of Dhul Hijjah. 

Eid ul Adha 2014 will probably fall on October 5 or October 6 in Pakistan. But the celebrations are already started and people are enjoying shopping, Eid promotions and various shows. Eid ul adha holiday usually continues for three days in Pakistan. Muslims around the country celebrate the festival of Eid ul Adha, in which those who can afford to, also sacrifice an animal to gain Allah’s pleasure. The Muslim who can easily afford to, should buy a sacrificial animal before Eid. This animal could be a goat, sheep, camel or a cow. At the occasion of Eid ul adha a verity of mouth-watering dishes await the Muslims. First of all roasted Mutton or Beef Kaleji (Liver) is served with naan or bread. It is very heartening to see the spirit of sharing and giving on the Eid ul adha, as no one goes hungry during the days of this Eid.

So get ready Eid ul adha is coming…. Happy Eid ul Adha to everyone in Advance!!!

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