Dumb and Dumber (1994) – Review

 Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Duration: 107 Minutes
Rating: PG-13
IMDb Rating: 7.3
Director: Peter Farelly and Bennett Yellin
Tagline: If they each had half a brain, together they would still only have half a brain
Jim Carrey was very famous at the time due to the success his film Ace Ventura, and received a salary of $7 Million for the movie. He also chipped his tooth in real life for this role. 
The movie is about two best friends and room mates, Lloyd(Jim Carrey) and Harry(Jeff Daniels). They fail in every aspect of life and they also aren’t good at their jobs. Lloyd is a limousine driver and Harry is a Dog Groomer. Lloyd falls in love with Mary(Holly), a girl who he drives to the airport. She leaves a briefcase with ransom money of his husband filled in it at the airport, so the kidnappers could collect it. As the kidnappers try to get it, Lloyd comes and grabs the bag before them and tries to return it back to Mary. But unfortunately Mary’s plane to Aspen had already departed. Lloyd comes home, disappointed and fired from his job, where he finds out that Harry has also been fired. The kidnappers follow Lloyd to his place and later break in, but Lloyd and Harry successfully manage to escape before they entered.

Both frustrated about their career and jobs, until Lloyd suggests to go to Aspen to return Mary’s briefcase and ask her to “plug them into a social pipeline”. They both leave for Aspen the other day, but they have no idea that the kidnappers are following them to get the briefcase. Their journey to Aspen is not just an ordinary journey, they hit bumps along the road and encounter many problems while carrying a briefcase that contains thousands of dollars. What will happen when Lloyd and Harry encounter the kidnappers? Will Lloyd be successful in his plan to impress Mary? You have to watch the movie to find that out!

The movie received a positive feedback from multiple critiscs and a 64 out of 100 score from rotten Tomatoes. Carrey gained alot of positive feedback for his role and got multiple nominations from various award shows. With a budget of $17 Million, the movie was able to gross $247 Million worldwide. Good news for the dumb and dumbers’ fans is that after 20 years, a sequel “Dumb and Dumber To” is set to release this November. It is a much anticipated film and we hope that it is as good as the first part! 
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