Cristiano Ronaldo To Leave Real Madrid, But First….

Will Cristiano Move To Manchester United??

The World’s best player wants to leave Real Madrid, but not until he finishes some undone business. Yes, after some disappointing team transfers (which included the transfer deal of winger Angel Di Maria and defensive midfielder, Xabi Alonso) Ronaldo did not look happy at the Bernabeau. The 2013 Ballon Dor winner wants to reunite with the former club i.e Manchester United. This is what Ronaldo had to say about the transfers “I can’t always say what I want, but if I were in charge [at Madrid], I wouldn’t have done things the way they were done…” Although Ronaldo has previously said that Madrid was his home, he still was upset for his team mates’ exit. 

Ronaldo was also upset for the Red Devils with their career’s worst performance in EPL last year and  he also stays in touch with his early mentor, Sir Alex Ferguson. Which shows that he is still inter-connected (or in touch) with Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is improving day by day is one of Real Madrid’s key players at the moment. If he leaves, Real Madrid will surely face a tough time (for a season maybe?) Yes he has signed the contract till 2018 but where’s a will, there is (always) a way. 

Ronaldo is looking for a dream return to Old Trafford but first he must become the Top Goal Scorer for Real Madrid. Well he’s still 66 goals away from achieving that for now. Raul is the current top goal scorer with 323 goals in a total of 741 appearances. Statistics confirm that Ronaldo will achieve this target within the next 70 games or less, as Goals per Game ratio of Ronaldo is slightly over one. 

So the bottomline is that Ronaldo can move back to Old Trafford in early 2016. 

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