Breaking Bad x True Detective

Breaking Bad, the highest rated IMDb TV Series and Ranked at #2 by TIME Magazine in its Top 10 TV Series of 2013 list, was in its final season when True Detective came to HBO. Both TV series attracted Millions of people to watch it. Although being in its first season, True Detective gave tough competition to Breaking Bad when it came to awards and critics’ feedbacks.
Brief Intro to both the TV Series:
Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teacher(Bryan Cranston), who decides to break bad when he is diagnosed with cancer. Starts cooking crystal meth with his ex chemistry student(Aaron Paul) to make money for his treatment. His decision of cooking crystal and making money.. makes him HEISENBERG!

True Detective is about two detectives, who are interrogated by the detectives of 2012 about a murder case they worked on, back in 1995. According to the 12′ detectives the same killings are happening again, which shocks both Cohle(Mathew MacConaughey) and Hart(Woody Harrelson), who believe they caught their guy back in 95′.

2014 Emmy Awards:
The biggest night of television was going to decide between the two hit shows, who were going up against each other almost in every drama category. Breaking Bad pretty much clean sweeped the Emmys, by winning a total of 5 awards. Breaking Bad managed to take home awards for the main categories such as; Best Drama Series,Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and more. Most of the BB cast and crew thought that True Detective would bag more and major awards, but the jury had something else on their minds! Bryan Cranston started off his winning speech by saying,”Even I thought about voting for Mathew“. Non the less, True Detective was still able to take home 5 awards which included the award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.

Both series are outstanding but Breaking Bad is to a whole new level, despite the fact that True Detective has just started, they can get to BB’s level in the coming seasons or even go beyond it!(who knows?) Since McConaughey and Harrelson won’t be returning for a second season, its Colin Farrell who would be incharge, so the tables may turn. There’s some good news for BB fans as well, BB may have ended but the genius, Vince Gilligan is still at work with”Better Call Saul” which will be airinf some time in 2015.

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